I thought really thought I was being a good girl with my UFOs! Evidently I have a problem. Not one I plan on fixing but a problem just the same. I spent some time cleaning my sewing room today and trying to take stock of just waht I had. Yeah........Well I found a few other little tucked away UFOs. Not big one but ones I have had for like a gazillion years just the same. I did finish my final count. 30........I was at like 19!
I would update my turtle but one of those widget things I lost in the blog change was my turtle. For the life of me I cant remember or find where I got it from. So if anyone knows of that site could you let me know?I want my turtle back.
We leave for baby visit in 6 days! I kept thinking I had all the time in the world. I have 2 customer quilts to get done. Thats freaking me out a little as we are still battling -20 weather. So I havent been able to work. My little electric heaters just cant cut that kind of weather.
Wonderful hubby is not back yet from Valdez. The fire at Petro Star was so much worse then they origionally thought. He will be lucky to get home before we leave with enough time to pack.Either way I am outta here. I have a baby to love on! I do miss him though.I feel bad for him too.He didnt pack clothes because he was supposed to be home on a flight home the same day. Yeah, didnt happen.
He had BETTER not miss this trip though. Our 21st anniversary is the ninth and this will be the first anniversary we will have ever spent with my family. Not to mention we have never ever spent one apart.Can you belive 21 years? I know yall didnt know me way back when but really I was like 12!This year we will be legal to drink.Ü
I just got this pic from my wonderful aunt.I sent her a new grandma apron with matching cleaning gloves.You know for the stinky diapers.Lol. She loved it. I sure cant wait to see them all.


Jan said…
Oh that's a cute apron!!! :-D And Happy Anniversary since you won't be here!! I hope hubby comes home soon!! And that you find someone to fix that heating!!!!!!!!
Freda said…
Love the apron Becca. Enjoy your visit and Anniversary with the family.

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