I have been a good girl

And I havent posted any little man photos lately. I could post one every day literally but I dont want to bore yall. But this one you HAVE to see. Oh my goodness only 2 weeks and 1 day and then I get to snuggle with this little guy!
I started off today pretty good. But didnt make it very far. By about noon I started feeling really cold and my whole body hurt. So I went back to bed with the heating pad. About an hour later I was fine.Very strange.
After my little nap I did get some work done. Not in Gracie house but on some UFOs. I also started my list for 2009. I included some projects that I just started this last month. Unfortunately that bumped the number up but thank heavens I am not at as high a number as I was before. I am hoping to still get a couple more moving before the first.
I had fun yesterday. I put the handles on a couple purses I had knitted and then felted and finished the 3 aprons I had started.I have a BIG surprise for the month of Feb. That will be my one year anniversary. I started blogging Jan 31 so I am just gonna say Feb. I am going to give away 3 fancy aprons. Ü


Freda said…
Show those pix Becca, Tice is a cutie. Hope you feel better today. I also hope you have a very Merry Christmas.
Jan said…
Glad you had a great day!! That little man is a cutie patootie!!

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