Ive LOST my Sanity Saturday

Before I explain the title I have to share my latest little man picture. The red mark by his eyes was caused by being shoved up against my poor fav. cuz's tailbone. The reason for the emergency c section. I am going to be a hopeless besotted mess with my first grandchild. Its not going to be pretty. They may have to lock me up! Ok I will dish on the slippers. I signed up for a slipper swap. Does that not sound like a blast! I have told yall before I am a swap addict. I love little projects to make and then swapping them. I cant wait to show you what I am going to make next month.But that will have to wait.
OK now to explain the title.
Today I have 12 little 8-10 year olds coming over for a mock slumber party. From noon until 6 we will be pretending we are having a sleepover, watching highschool musical, and singing karoke. I (actually oldest daughter) am going to make cupcakes and then we will let each little girl frost and decorate with any of the 50 different bags of candy they want. We will feed them corn dogs, chicken strips,and chips. I even made each little girl their own pillow case and we made up goodie bags with all sorts of lovely things their parents will thank us for.Wicked GRIN.

I am going to try and sneak out of the house to work during the worst of it. Oldest daughter has a friend coming to help her out. Poor boarder dude. He is going to have a couple friends over and they are going to barracade themselves in his room.I am sure they will come down for the required pestering and mayhem.All in all I should be ready for a few adult beverages before it is over. And I am just SURE I will be the most poplular mommy around.hehehehehe.
On a bright note I am almost a head of work for the year! 4 quilts to do and I am done done done until Jan 1! Thats just craziness I tell ya.Ü


Freda said…
Tice sure is a cutie Becca. Have fun at the sleepover and have chocolate and adult beverage handy.
Jan said…
Having it during the day and sending them home is pure genious!! Taking notes.... as usual.. ;-) Thanks for the info on the slippers... my toes are cold cold cold....
Vicki W said…
12 kids at once. Just shoot me.

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