An Odd Day

Does anyone know why I only see picture code instead of pictures when I uploade them to my blog? Its very annoying.

The day started out fine but just got weird. Really good things and really bad things happend. The really bad is the quilt I was finishing up on the frame went really sideways and the borders we horrible. Horrible horrible horrible. If it werent mine I would turn it away. I am yet again my worst customer.

But thenn the really really good thing happened. Oldest daughter and Skater boy have a mutual best friend. We will call her Cali girl. Well 2 weeks ago Cali girl was in a horrible collision.She has been in a coma since and her mom has been told many times to let go and say goodbye. I bought my two kiddos tickets as soon as it happened but because of scheduling conflicts they couldnt get out until the 3rd.Just yesterday they were told they would be too late. Today though they turned the machines off and she started breathing on her own. She then woke up and repeated her name when they asked if she knew who she was!

Now though I need to get something made for her since she will hopefully only get better and will be moved into a room where she can have personal items.Up until now she has been in a critical care unit.The fact that I have no quilts done in my gift closet annoys me. I did find one I can quilt tomorrow and hopefully get done before they leave.

Here is what I finished yesterday though. My chocolate swap box! I found those two coffee mugs at my favorite thrift store. Its killing me to give them away! Thats bad isnt it.I also finished two more small bags for the gift closet. I have to start filling that thing again. For now its just a gift rubbermaid but someday I hope to have a closet.Ü


Joanie M said…
I got goosebumps reading about the miracle of Cali girl! Such terrific news!!
Oh!! I popped in here from SITS!
Vicki W said…
What wonderful news!
Jody said…
Blessed news!! That's so wonderful.
Yarni Gras! said…
that is terrific news and that apron ROCKS!
Yarni Gras! said…
ooops...forgot to tell you. when posting, use the tab that says 'compose'....the other one just shows the 'code'.. :-)
Randi said…
So happy for Cali girl!
Sherry said…
What an amazing story!! I'm so happy for everyone. Your apron and package are so nice!!!

Great job!
Jenny in Utah said…
My goodness - what a miracle!!! That is an incredible story and I hope she recovers well (and quickly). Those bags and the apron are so cute in the pictures, but even cuter in person ... my goodness, what a fantastic surprise - you are such a great seamstress!!! I totally lucked out, THANK YOU!!! The package was wonderful and it brightened my day! Thanks - I'll be posting photos soon! And the kids were very excited about their little goodies - that was so thoughtful!

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