Apron Goodness

Oh my! I was so overwhelmed today with my awsome Hot Mama box that came today! I was in the Hot Mama Apron swap this last month. Wow and THANK YOU to Solidia.She made me the most fantastic apron! When I opened the box I knew I would love what was inside because it was all wrapped and tied up in red and white tissue and ribbon.
The apron is so awesome.I would of taken a picture of me wearing it but I didnt really move past the jammies today and I dont think any of you would be impressed at how ratty they are. Tomorrow I will take a picture when I am wearing pretty clothes.Ü. Truly this apron is wonderful. It is reversable and red! I wish yall could see my grin i am so happy with it!

The goodies that came with it are just totally me! Take a look! I couldnt decide which side I liked best so I took a pic of both! The hotpad is so cute and very Mary Engelbriet.LOVE M.E.! Cherries on one side teapots on the other. Chocolate from Starbucks. The exact chocolate I buy when I go to starbucks to! You have great taste!The cutest baking stickers I have ever seen! I cant wait to use them. A yummy recipe that wonderful hubby doesnt know he is making tomorrow.ÜI need to have it ready for my coffee ritual during the week. If he is a very good boy I may share with him. Take a look at this cup! It is sooooooooooooo awesome! I love coffee cups! My other favorite is from Vicki, now I have two! I dont have to get grumpy in the morning when one of the monsters forgot to run the dishwasher the night before.LolNow to just keep it safe! First thing my oldest said was are you going to hide it like you do youther one when its clean? You betcha! Thank you so much again Solidia, this was such an awesome swap and I love what you sent. Solidia has the funnest blog too, yall should go check it out and her very beautiful girls http://pinkchicks.typepad.com/


Jan said…
Those are so pretty!!!!!!!! I don't know which I like better, the apron or the mug!!! :-D
Freda said…
I can see why you are happy. All the goodies are awesome.
Vicki W said…
What a great batch of goodies!
Yarni Gras! said…
Solidia always does a wonderful job!
jodybob said…
I'm with Jan--I'll kidnap both the apron and the cup!
Smiles! Becca said…
Jody you better watch out I have my big guard dog on duty! Amida will bite you! Ü

It is all awesome stuff. I still am feeling very spoiled!
Christie said…
Hey! I'm your Thankful Things swap partner. Yay! Please email me at
christiemcmillan (at) hotmail (dot) com when you get a chance. Thanks!

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