Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Baby Yet

My poor favorite cuz. Tomorrow she is a week over due. She says she is not too miserable but she is one of those.You know those happy cheerleader types. I on the other hand when I am not talking to her and being upbeat and postive, feel like kicking something. Instead I went shopping. I started out looking for something for my secret stitcher.
I really did. But what I wound up doing was buying a wallet on Donney&Bourkes sale page.Then I visited Jans page so I had to go buy the new fiesta ware chocolate color. Oy vey. I STILL dont have a secret stitcher gift!

Jan this pics for you! This is my youngest with her (Now this is in her words not mine) demented baby! At least its smiling!

Ok my mojo was SO blown yesterday I carried it over to today. I only accomplished a nap today. Jan you asked what was in my coffee. Well normally I think its just that I am hyper. I mean hyper. I drive my poor wonderful hubby nuts with how much I bounce. Today however I think he slipped me something to calm me down. I have sat on my butt ALL day.Well except for the nap.Ü

Tomorrow it is back to work. I am again going to try and get a head so that the upcoming rush does not kill me.

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Jan said...

ROTFLOL I love the snow pic!!! And now since you won't fess up what is in the coffee, I must figure out a different plan to make it through Christmas.... You realize my kid was up screaming the countdown at 5 am..... I'm sending her to your house ;-) Hope the baby comes soon!!!!

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