What A Weekend

It certainly did not go the way it was planned. Thats o.k though. Wonderful hubby and I did a lot of nothing but we did it together!
We did get that new washing machine. Its really really pretty. I went in to the store all prepared to just buy the plainest no frills or extra options washing machine I could find. Well wonderful hubby got hung up somewhere between the front door and the appliance section.Ü. I got a LOT decided in the time he was missing. I picked out new paint colors for the sewing room and loaded the cart with pegs for all the new thread I had bought and read ALL the info on EVERY w.m. in the store.
By the time he got back there I knew exactly the one I wanted. The whole deciding factor for me was the capacity size! 4.2! I do more laundry then everyone I know because of my loved ones phobia of wearing or using the same item twice. (I get so frustrated with this) Literally 3-5 loads a day is not unheard of around here. With this puupy I caught up on sunday with a grand total of 4 loads! That was half of what I would of done with my last w.m. It also came with the bonus of a laminated instruction card for big dummies like me. Belive you me I need it! The bonus is instead of that annoying beep when cloting is done it plays music! Scared the tar out of me until I figured out it was the w.m. but now I love it!

On another note a friend of my BILs took this picture in Kodiak. There are over 40 bears feeding off of a whale carcas! Amazing...I have so much to share but I am going to have to spread it out over a few blog posts!


Jan said…
It plays music? How cool is that??!!! Will the dryer hold the same capacity?? That picture is cool and scary at the same time!!
Freda said…
Do you think I should pray for my w.m. to tear up so I can get a cool machine like yours? o.k. I won't do that but it is 10 years old.
Shawnee said…
Becca .... did you see that I JUST got a new set of machines?!? http://shawneett.blogspot.com/2008/10/look-whos-coming-to-dinner-on-monday.html
Smiles! Becca said…
My dryer just holds it all. It was the biggest I could get at the time.

Freda I am sure a small prayer wouldnt hurt.Lol

Shawnee Maybe its something in the air!
Shawnee said…
Is your's the same brand? My sings to me, too!
Smiles! Becca said…
I had to run downstairs to look!Lol. It is an LG? I had never heard of it before but its the only name I can find.

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