Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Wonderful Hubby

Left me today. So now I am lonely and bored. That means yall get to put up with me and my craziness.Lots a craziness going on here tonight.

Melinda and I got our apron almost all cut out only to discover I was short 20 inches of material. Argh.So I called 911 (aka Jody at work) she then cut me 2 yards and I will pick it up tomorrow. If you are doing the math you know I got like a yard and a half extra.....No reason just because.Lol. We did get the fancy schmancy gloves made but I am not posting a pic until I get the apron and oven mitts done. We had fun. We didnt get to eat any lasagna though as I forgot it in the oven and it , well, lets just say it was an interesting color and quite hard looking. Lord its a good thing he will only be gone a week. We could all starve!

I have decided I want a dress form. I really am not sure why but they look so cool with aprons on them and I could name it.I could haul it out to the studio with me and have someone to talk to! Ü. Jody stop shaking your head!

Tomorrow will be fun. I am going shopping for the bridal shower and then am coming home to play. I should sneak out and work for a few but I am SO TIRED of working. I finished the week out with 2 quilts left. The upside is that when those two are done I am done for a week.They both have to be done by tuesday. So its either sneak time in here and there or work Monday.

Something I discovered today was another way to embarrass my children.....This is added to my list of ways I have discovered.
1. Get caught doing the hustle when they bring friends into your studio to ask you a question. ( I really couldnt help myself on this one.)
It is now added to this list.
2. Show up at their very first job at Burger King on the drive though with your camera! (this one I did for Jody!)
3. While getting their permit/liscense picure throw kisses at them and tell everyone they are your baby.
4. When pulling up at a full service gas station play your grease soundtrack while singing Sandra Dee VERY loudly.I know all the words.
4. Put a whos your daddy bumper sticker on their fork lift very early in the a.m. (ok we had the night crew do it for us) knowing that it wont be discovered until after a LOT of coffee and many hours later.Ü
5. Buy a box of unused graduation cards at a garage sale then put 1 dollar in each of them to be opened at their graduation party.

Its no wonder that my kids are twisted but they have paid me back big time. I tell them its my little reward for raising them. My oldest has a lot more coming to her. She started paybacks early.At the age of five I smarted off and told her after hearing mom mom mom a hundred times that I wasnt the mom I was the babysitter and her mom owed me a lot of money. A few hours later she tells me its important I need to call grandma (my mil). My wonderful little daughter had pulled a big one and knew it. Grandma had called earlier only to be told by the little angel she had no idea where mommy was but the babysitter was kissing daddy......

Ok I need to go to bed its almost midnight and I am starting to ramble.


jodybob said...

I forgot you took the Burger King pic of DS for me!! did you blow kisses at your DS????? I enjoyed your ramblings, but I always do VBG!

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

I had not discovered your wonderful blog until you signed up for my slipper swap.. I have enjoyed reading it immensely. Because of this wonderful blog I have given you and award. Please drop by and pick it up :)

Vicki W said...

You are having tooo much fun this weekend!

Jan said...

ROTFLOL I'm taking notes for when DD is older.... lots of notes ROTFLOL And of course you needed extra fabric.... in case something else pops up right?! :-D

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