Here are a couple photos I snagged off of Wonderful hubbys camera card. I will share more later. These two are dishes that were being served at one of the restraunts he went to. The first dish is silk worm Larvaa. He really wasnt kidding! The second is live frog. Yup you heard right LIVE frog! They will of course kill it and cook it for you. I asked how they will cook it and he said he didnt ask.Lol

He took a LOT of pictures of food. He also came back hungry.He was very impressed with how they took care of him. He said they really jumped at taking care of anything he wanted. I am happy he is home but let him know that is NOT happening here! Lol. We had chinese for dinner last night. Hahah. Good old not authentic american chinese food.

I also have pictures to share from the Great Wall and of Korea. I will share those tomorrow. Right now I am soooooo tired. He is so messed up on sleep he has my schedule messed up. Ugh. Its been 2 to 3 before he can get to sleep. Tonight he is getting a sleeping pill. I need my sleep!


How interesting. Thanks for posting those photos.
Jan said…
I think I would have starved to death!!! Glad he's home safe & sound!!!
OH no killing Frogs.. I love frogs!!!
Ok!!!! on that too sad of a note... I am here to advise you I am having some fun on my blog and I want you to join in.... so come on over :)

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