Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Update

I cant decide wether this was a productive weekend or a lazy one. I know a lot got done but I mostly remember lazing around watching t.v. Its a toss up at to which was the main activity. I love weekends for sure.
I did make UFO progress. A lot of progress actually. I finished 2 quilt tops, have two more almost done, and made another present for my favorite cuz. The quilt tops are all lap size so no huge acheivement and they were partially done but I am happy. This week is ALL about work. I need to get completely caught up so that I can spend time in the house with the kids and playing while Wonderful Hubby is in China. He leaves on the 14th. The closer it gets the more I start to panic. I hate being seperated from him.I am not trying to let him see it though as then he will just worry more.
O.K. so I took pictures of my new apron, both sides. I discovered two things while looking at these pictures.
A. My sewing room is a disaster. What a mess! I get it clean and then within a couple days it is a wreck again. I honestly dont know how I do it.
B. The ten pounds I gained are showing up big time and I need to go on a diet! Yikes.
BUT ignore the rest and check out the apron.

After all the UFO work I needed to have some instant gratification so I made a present to go in the November box for my favorite cuz. This is called a hooter hider. I am SO not kidding that is the name! Its is a nursing cover. A very quick gift to make. Now I need to make more.

All right it is time to go to work. Work work work, that will be me this week.


Jan said...

ROTFLOL I LOVE the hider!!!! That's a great gift!!! The apron and the model are beautiful!!! LOVE the color of your sewing room too! DH traveling is the one time I bride me and the kid every day he is gone to keep us both from going crazy. And skype!! Get webcams and skype is free so you can get face time every day! We just work out a time between the differences to have a family chat every day. He also logs into a webkinz acct and plays computer games with DD LOL

Jan said...

That should have been bribe... need more coffee....

Vicki W said...

The apron looks great and so do you! What I can't figure is why you are wearing short sleeves because it looks cold outside! I've got nothing to say about the hooter hider. Nope. Nothing at all.

Freda said...

I love the aprons Becca. Hooter Hider? Well, that's a new one but useful I'm sure.

Smiles! Becca said...

Jan I am going to check out Skype. I am going to talk him into taking his laptop. He wasnt going to as they dont get along but I bet I can talk him into it.

Vicki, Lol, I had a wook suit coat to put on over it but it didnt look good with the apron.Lol

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