On A Clear Day

You can see the oil platforms. I cant tell you which ones these are. We drove out to Captain Cook State Park yesterday.All the way to the end of the road. It was so beautiful and clear out. Its always fascinated me that men will live and work on these for a couple weeks at a time. Talk about clausterphobic. I guess because they are platforms built on pilings in the Ocean it does sway with the current if it is strong. That part would be fun. A little freaky but fun.
I guess I need to get busy. I have a customer dropping off a couple quilts in about an hour and here I sit in my P.J.s with my hair still unbrushed..... Oh I am a sight.


Freda said…
Beautiful view Becca. Thanks for sharing.
Jan said…
That is beautiful!!!!!!
Smiles! Becca said…
I wish the picture were a little closer. But my zoom isnt the greatest. They are pretty cool.Especially the mono pod which stands on only one piling.

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