I need a Maid

Seriously. Either that or we have to get a better mom. This one is falling down on the job!

I have to tell you about my BFFs mom. Sweetest lady in the world for sure but tiring also. She made me cry yesterday and also realize that we need to take the time out for others a little more often. She had a couple strokes about 10 years ago and went from this business minded wiz to a sometimes confused person. That alone makes me so sad. She cant always finish her sentences and she needs a little more guidance then most.

I have been quilting for a little over 16 years. Like many when I picked it up its was as if another piece of me fell into place. She was always interested in it but it wasnt her thing then. A while back she decided to give it a go and now there is no stopping her. She even went and bought a mid arm. I wish she had let me help her on that as she got ripped off and I pray the thing works but that is another story.

Yesterday while quilting her quilt she couldnt stop touching the thread and the fabric.She just kept repeating over and over again how much she loves it. We all know that one dont we. By the end of the day she had me in tears. Turns out that for years she has been trying to find something to do that would make her feel worthwhile. She has raised 4 beautiful daughters and has many grandkids but they all have their own lives now. They all love her and want her around but you know the feeling. Her hubby like many of ours LOVES what he does and is a little bit of a work aholic. She is so lonely. She told me yesterday many times how much she loves quilting so much so she teared up trying to tell me. She wants to try it all and do it all. We all know that one too!

She was here for over 3 hours yesterday and I was exhausted since I had started work early. She was like a sponge. She asked a ton of questions and just soaked up everything she could. I am going to go play at her house next. After she gets her new machine up and running I am going to need to go check it out.

On another note I had to take a picture of this backing yesterday. It was almost prettier then the front! My favorite customers a husband and wife team bring me the most beautiful quilts. They use EVERY scrap and everything is always perfectly sewn. Dont mind the quilt on the floor. It slipped off the bar while I was snapping the pic.


Vicki W said…
What a terrific story! We all need visitors like that to remind us of the good things (and people) we have in our lives.
Jan said…
Oh Becca!! You two should definitely play more!!!! Quilting is such a positive outlet for so many of us!! I'm so glad you had the time to spend with her!! And that quilt on your frame is beautiful!!
Freda said…
What a wonderful story Becca. Don't that just make your day?
Smiles! Becca said…
I think I am going to enjoy playing with her. She was an amazing artist before her strokes so I think she is going to be an incredible quilter!

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