Swap Goodies warning Picture heavy!

Ok I am SO not fighting the drag tool. So I guess the first pics will be the last ones I wanted to share with you from the trip to China. This is the stadium in Shenyang they built for the Olympic Soccer games. WHo knew when we were watching it that Wonderful hubby would actually get to go there! This rock is by the great wall. The writing on it says one step east of evil. North Korea is right on the other side of that fence.The man with my man is his boss Mike. His brother died in the war there so this was an emotional journey but good for him.
This rock they were unable to move so they built the Great Wall right around it. Now you cant really tell from this pic but the steps are very tall. Like 2 of ours.You can tell how steep it is. I would be crawling by now.

This is of the wall. Isnt it amazing!

O.K. on to the swap goodies! The first pics are from my thankful things swap partner Christie. She really nailed some things that I too love.A c.d. of her favorite music which ALL I happen to love too! A bag of Dove Chocolates. I dont know if you can tell but the bag is empty.Ü I was very thankful for those!
Heres the proof. hehehe. I saved this wrapper though because it gives me permission! I am going to carry it around for when I am feeling lazy. This was also in the box! An AWESOME apron that I love love love. No I am not modeling it as this weekend it is all about the p.j.s and playing. I am not working until monday and if you want to know why just see the picture above! THANK YOU so much Christie and your box is on its way!

These goodies are from my Secret Stitcher from MQR... I dont even know how I can describe how wonderful it all is. The lotion and file are from one of my favorite stores that I only get to visit on vacations, Bath and Body Works. The lotion is called warm vanilla sugar and is awesome. I put some on last night before bed and my hands still smell yummy and feel so good!
Then there is a cream scone mix, jam for the scones and 3 packages of hot cocoa mix, yuuuuuuuuuuuum! They are all so good! Plus to top it all off it was wrapped up in that wonderful sea turtle fabric with a gold bow! I am so spoiled! Her card said it was the first of two boxes, I am amazed that there is more as this is so much! THANK YOU SS!
Well I guess thats it for the pics right now. I have been having so much fun playing. I would take pictures for you but I cant. I pulled a skater boy last night. He is notorious for dropping my cameras and breaking them. Yup my brand new one bit the dust on the travertine...... Wonderful hubby just shook his head. So I am off to order a new one from Amazon.Gah!


Vicki W said…
What great mail you get! It looks like your Dh had a great trip - what an opportunity!
Jan said…
One time I had to make a choice... drop the camera or drop the coffee.. my brain immeadiately dropped the camera ;-)

Love the pics!! What an amazing opportunity he had!!

And the mail!! Those aprons!! Beautiful!!

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