Wow yesterday flew by so fast I am still wondering where it went! I meant to post last night but had such a headache I went to bed. Then I couldnt sleep as the other side is empty.

Speaking of which. He hasnt checked in yet and its freaking me out! I know its because he is probably sleeping off that 18 hour travel day but I miss him. We have never went this long without talking to one another. I am sure he will check in soon.I will just keep myself busy until then.

Oldest daughter and I spent the day together yesterday doing errands for the bridal shower. I discovered a few more ways to embarrass her and I didnt even do it on purpose! She is so fun to tease as she can take it and then dish right back out. I tried convincing her in Joannes that we should start having a bridal shower for her every year until she gets married that way I get to plan a great party! The annual bridal shower! She wasnt going for it.

Aunt Pitty Pat gave me the coolest award yesterday! I was so honored and her blog is one of my everyday favorites also.Isnt it beautiful!

So here are the rules.

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate 10 other blogs for this award
4. Add links to those blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool.

1. Aunt Pitty Pat is one of my everyday reads. So here is the link and she is also getting the award back because she has one of the coolest blogs I have ever read.

2. Heydebster is also another one of my everyday reads. She hosts the ONLY camping trip for women every year I would consider going on!

3. Freda is another I pop over too and love the quilts she makes.

4. Jan is way to cool and always has a fun blog!

5. Jodybob. She is a new blogger and a BFF for sure!

6. I think Shawnee has a great blog and love her Apron swaps!

7. K Sperino. Love this blog. Her cool little bookmarks she has posted right now are on my things to do list!

8. Kay has some of the funniest posts and I always have to remember NOT to be drinking anything while reading. I have had to clean my monitor off one to many times!

9. Dear Gina. She is just an inspiration and always a good read.

10. Vicki.... Wow the Tie Dye queen! I LOVE her blog.

Ok. I guess I am supposed to go to each of your blogs and let you know.So I will start on that after I go grab another cuppa. In the meantime if you pop over I hope you take your award and know that you are the coolest blogs I read!


Jan said…
Wow! Thanks Becca!!!!!! :-D And that's some amazing company I'm in there!! Thanks dude!!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed on the hubby checkin in soon!!!!

I drove my mom crazy... I re-named my hope chest to the hopeless chest and started using it all when I turned 18 :-D Who needs a man to get to that china & crystal!!
Vicki W said…
Thanks so much - I'm very flattered!
Wow Becca!!!! Congrats on your award :)
Thank you for the back at ya award :) you are sew darn sweet :)
I am LOL at your photos... they remind me of that cook years ago.. the Galloping Gourmet!!! (Graham Kerr ? or Kern) he was always adding a dash of wine.. and there was always a wee bit in his goblet too :)
You crack me up GF.

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