A Little Sigh Of Relief

I cant get these pictures to move tonight and I didnt upload them in the right order. So this post will be a little confusing.They all are I know but this one will be worse.Ü

AEROGARDEN update. Will yall just take a look at the basil! What the heck am I going to do with it? Ack! My extent of cooking tonight was pizza. I guess tomorrow I am going to have to figue out how to harvest some of it before it burns to a crisp under those lights.

This is what I wish I had to drink tonight. I have the vodka but no orange juice.Crazy kids.They havent learned that orange juice is for mommy! I am instead drinking a diet dr. pepper and consoling myself with rollos. Great combo dont ya think?

I just got to talk to my wonderful hubby. I was honestly getting a little worried.The rational side of me knew he just wasnt around a way to contact me but the other side of me was imagining ALL sorts of horrible things. Its amazing how a 2 minute conversation just put me in a much better mood! Where he is staying he said is pretty sad. He couldnt really explain much but he said its basically a shanty town. He is taking lots of pictures. For him that means maybe he has taken 4.Lol

I finished the apron for the bridal shower. It was very very confusing. It is a replica of a mail order pattern from the 40s. So the instructions were very basic and VERY lacking. A test of patience for sure. But I feel a little more confident in making it now for the Flirty swap. The skirt is so full that it almsot seems like you are wearing a swing skirt. I also didnt criss cross the straps. I did at first but then had the hardest time getting into it and back out! So I took it apart. Kind of reminds you of a candy striper huh.lol. Dont ya just love the gloves! I want to make like 100 pairs.They were so much fun and so easy!

The picture just doesnt do it justice. I guess I am going to go surf a little more. I spent a large portion of the day in bed. I have been fighting what my kiddos call stupid head. I did sew for awhile but just didnt want the headache to turn into a migrane so went to bed.Now I am not tired and am happy I talked to hubby.Ü


Vicki W said…
Look at those adorable gloves! It almost makes me want to clean house - NOT!
Jan said…
This time of year just brings on Stupid Head doesn't it?! Ugh ;-)

Pass the OJ & Vodka info please....

Pesto!! I make Pesto with my basil. For pasta and for white pizza with sun dried tomatoes....
Freda said…
I love the gloves and the apron Becca. I'm so glad you got to talk with DH and everything is all right. A 2 minute talk with the one you love brings so much joy. I hope you have a great week.
Freda said…
Becca I have given you an award on my blog
Smiles! Becca said…
Yeah Vicki I am with ya. All I want to do is wear them!

Lol Jan thats all I mix together. A very basic screwdriver. Is it bad I still want one? Ü and Pesto. hmmm. Never made that. I may have to give it a try!

Freda you are SO right. He even emailed me this A.M. and now I am in such a good mood.

And thank you!

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