Catch Up

I am going to be playing this ALL day. I was going to be so productive yesterday. I did get a couple very small customer quilts done but hit a road block at two. My back and neck were hurting so bad I just basically went to bed.

Oh well. I am being a good girl today and am just now taking my first break to come post some pictures.

The first ones are of the AWESOME swap goodies I received from Shawnee who hosted the mommy and me apron swap. What fun and Youngest and I are thrilled with our Aprons! The material is about the cutest I have ever seen. She also included some plastic mixing spoons, the cutest heart cookie cutter and a Paula Dean cooking with kids cookbook. We think we got the best end of this swap for sure! (I definietly look like I got up early to work. Plus I am still wearing many clothes as I am flippin cold!)Shawnees blog is always a fun read and she has a better picture of the adorable aprons.
AEROGARDEN update. We started the seeds on the 21st of last month. It is unbelivable how fast everything is growing. The basil is not very far off from harvesting. Wonderful hubby has grand plans for this and replanting. I am thinking skater boy and I are going to have to buy another one is we want our hot peppers and tomatos.

This is what is on Gracie right now and why I am taking a break. Its ugh very purple and ugh yeah not my style. I am going to be outlining the dolls all day and then hopefully the hearts she wants will not take too long. Monday I have to be back on track.It will mean working this weekend but I will sacrifice some play time for work unless hubby is home. Oh one more thing before I head back outside. Yall HAVE to check out this blog! Its one of my favorites to read and Tuesday she posted the cutest craft that would be great for a kids party favor!

I hope everyone has a productive fun day!


Anonymous said…
Well obviously you need two more aerogardens... one for tomatoes and one for peppers :-D Those are just cool!!!!!

LOVE the aprons!! You find the coolest swaps!! You two just look happy and festive!!

And that website!! Cool!! Did you see the hooded towel post too?! :-D

Don't work too hard this weekend!
Smiles! Becca said…
I am a swap aholic Jan! Lol. They are so much fun.

I did see that hooded towel. They post the neatest crafts.They also did hooter hiders a couple months back.Lol
jodybob said…
I want an aerogarden but DH doesn't trust me not to murder it while he's at work. I told him if YOU don't do one in, I won't!!!
Smiles! Becca said…
ROTFLOL Jody! you are right though, but these I think are fool proof!

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