Monday, November 17, 2008

Jan Started a Trend

Except my furry isnt big enough for slippers. Instead she opts for speed control! It really is a pain in the butt when she wont let me move my foot though.Good news is that I have my mojo back! I got a lot done today and I didnt even start until noon.I started off like this.

Pretty soon it looked like this.
But by the end of the day I had 14 new pillowcases and a table runner. The pillow cases are for an upcoming mock slumber party for the youngest. The table runner is an easy peasy one for the bridal shower this Wed. I have a couple more to make. Its all about presentation in this house! Ü Just kidding. But since I am going with the simple approach I had to decorate with something. I do not belive in streamers and most everything else I could find on Sunday was well, tacky. So I will take pics after I am all done of those.

This is my reward for the end of the day!

I have to share a portion of the email I got from Wonderful hubby. It had me laughing all day!
Lovely B,
I ate some silk worm larvae,, got the picture.
I have only offended one room full of people with a picture
A real dinner takes about 3 to 4 hours to eat, you only pick up with chopstick what u will
Put in your mouth at that time. Everything is put on a lazy Suzan and you just keep turning little at a time.
So lunch was 2.5 hours, dinner was 3 hr plus, but ate and drank well. Whenever someone goes to drink they tap their glass
On the table and that means everyone drink. I got pic’s.
Dinner started with wondering around and looking at all the food on display, that’s when I thought it was a good idea to take
The picture. I was taking a picture of bugs. Lots of live fish and many other sea creatures on display.
Were in Dandong , which means where the fresh water meets the salt, will be here for the first two nights. Looking across the river at N. Korea
PS: It is impolite for their guest not to have a full glass at all times, I counted five of them pouring for me,
( small glass they use)

OH yea, ate donkey not good.
ooooh I miss that man!


jodybob said...

You're a busy little beaver!! How'd the runner turn out?

Freda said...

I need a bigger foot warmer too. Jazzy is too small. You sure do have your mojo back. Go Becca go!!!! Hubby's food choices sounds HORRIBLE!!!!!

Vicki W said...

Well, look at you and all you've gotten done! The email from your DH is very funny!

Jan said...

I think you had the better day between you & your hubby :-D

My foot warmer steals the foot pedal and replaces it with his head so he can get bonus pets LOL Laying on top looks friendlier!! :-D

Your mojo is defnitely back!! Go Becca!!

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