Do You Know

What sound your washing machine makes when the drum breaks? The answer is a VERY loud and scary one!.......... I will tell you what, I thought a bomb had gone off! You would think I would of remembered the sound since this isnt the first washing machine I have killed. Its more like the 5th or 6th. Sigh. I guess its time for a new washer!

I have to share a picture of the cat from hell. Wonderful hubbys spoiled rotten cat. She refuses to drink out of the dog bowl or even her own bowl. This is what hubby does for her every morning and every night. When I go to brush my teeth she always makes a beline for the faucet too. But I refuse to share my sink so I have to turn hubbys on, otherwise she wont leave me alone!

Ok are you ready for the new do? The streak of red is supposed to be lighter but because of the black that I had in it, it will take until the next color job to lighten. But I love the new cut.Hubby is going to freak though. Lol.He still has hopes that one day I will grow it long again! I didnt put make up on though so dont be too scared!


Jan said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new do!!!!!! It's cute!!!! I'm so thankful that I do not know what that sounds like.
Freda said…
I like the new do too Becca. Sorry about the washing machine. I hate to kill any of my appliances. The cat is too cute.
jodybob said…
Cute do--Jer will learn to live with it!! You must quit killing your washing machines--what's up with that??? And I'll take Chai in a NY minute.
Vicki W said…
Love the new do! Yo are right, that's one spoiled cat.
Smiles! Becca said…
Thanks my friends..Ü
Lynn Douglass said…
I love the hair, laughed at the cat, and bought a similar washing machine last year. I also bought the dryer to match, and both are red!

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