Today is a play day!

I started out working and thought, nah. I have three swaps that I am finishing things for and wouldnt you know I am behind on getting two of them out! Bad Becca! I am on a mission to catch up. My biggest problem is I dont go for the fast easy stuff to make. I seem to have this addiction to the time consuming complicated. I wonder if there is a pill for this? I am LOVING this apron though and am going to be sad to see it go! I should of made two.
Dont ya love what we woke up to this morning? It is very pretty but there was a hecka lot of it! Thank heavens wonderful hubby has a plow. It will be up to me to clean off the truck though. Well the kids I mean.Ü
STILL no baby news! Favorite cousin is now 2 days over due. Tice is taking his sweet time in getting here. My kids were all early 2 weeks and 3 weeks. Well except for youngest daughter. She was 2 1/2 years! She always giggles when I tell her that.I have been carry my cell phone with me everywhere so I dont miss her call.

Well i was going to upload some more china photos but blogger doesnt seem to want to play nice. So I guess I will have to try again later!


Jan said…
I'm betting that 2 1/2 year wait was worth it! :-)
Love the apron, don't love the snow so much!
jodybob said…
Don't you mean 3 aprons???

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