Threw The Mojo Off!

Thats what he did. Sigh. Wonderful Hubby came home early today from a job he was working on. I am happy he is home but I had such a great groove going! I hate working when he is home.He doesnt care but there is just something not right about him being home and me working.
So instead I am wandering around the internet getting into trouble. Am I paying bills? Or doing something constructive? Nope. I am looking at crafts that I totally dont need to do but I am going to do.Ü.I have now added to my ever growing list a wool journal cover. I love the ones Betz White has listed on her ETSY shop. I need a wool journal cover to house my ever growing list right?
I have also added to my list sleep masks for the upcoming mock slumber party for youngest daughter and a dog quilt for my oldest daughters dog. Yes seriously. I saw the cutest one but forgot to bookmark it. I will find it again and then post it.Someday. I really need a grandchild.I mean really really need one. I made a few more hooter hiders for the gift closet today. I actually found material with the cutest owls! I thought that would be fitting.Ü. I also made a couple more wool cup pin cushions and pondered the slippers for the slipper swap I am in. I am trying really really hard to not buy anything. That is hard as I have decided I not only want but NEED and dress form! If I made clothing again I could justify this but the honest horrid truth is that I want one to put my aprons on! I am sick. very sick.
I would love to share a picture with yall but skater boy who is for the winter to be dubbed boarder boy has his camera with him.He is snowboarding up at Alyeska and Oldest dughter has hers with her. She is at a hockey game. So I guess I am going to go find more things on the internet to add to my list............


Jan said…
I need to know what kind of coffee you drink that gives you this ambition and drive... seriously... I look at all that and just get tired thinking about it..... what's in your cup?! :-D I love the owl fabric for the hooter hiders too!

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