Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Baby Yet

My poor favorite cuz. Tomorrow she is a week over due. She says she is not too miserable but she is one of those.You know those happy cheerleader types. I on the other hand when I am not talking to her and being upbeat and postive, feel like kicking something. Instead I went shopping. I started out looking for something for my secret stitcher.
I really did. But what I wound up doing was buying a wallet on Donney&Bourkes sale page.Then I visited Jans page so I had to go buy the new fiesta ware chocolate color. Oy vey. I STILL dont have a secret stitcher gift!

Jan this pics for you! This is my youngest with her (Now this is in her words not mine) demented baby! At least its smiling!

Ok my mojo was SO blown yesterday I carried it over to today. I only accomplished a nap today. Jan you asked what was in my coffee. Well normally I think its just that I am hyper. I mean hyper. I drive my poor wonderful hubby nuts with how much I bounce. Today however I think he slipped me something to calm me down. I have sat on my butt ALL day.Well except for the nap.Ü

Tomorrow it is back to work. I am again going to try and get a head so that the upcoming rush does not kill me.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Threw The Mojo Off!

Thats what he did. Sigh. Wonderful Hubby came home early today from a job he was working on. I am happy he is home but I had such a great groove going! I hate working when he is home.He doesnt care but there is just something not right about him being home and me working.
So instead I am wandering around the internet getting into trouble. Am I paying bills? Or doing something constructive? Nope. I am looking at crafts that I totally dont need to do but I am going to do.Ü.I have now added to my ever growing list a wool journal cover. I love the ones Betz White has listed on her ETSY shop. I need a wool journal cover to house my ever growing list right?
I have also added to my list sleep masks for the upcoming mock slumber party for youngest daughter and a dog quilt for my oldest daughters dog. Yes seriously. I saw the cutest one but forgot to bookmark it. I will find it again and then post it.Someday. I really need a grandchild.I mean really really need one. I made a few more hooter hiders for the gift closet today. I actually found material with the cutest owls! I thought that would be fitting.Ü. I also made a couple more wool cup pin cushions and pondered the slippers for the slipper swap I am in. I am trying really really hard to not buy anything. That is hard as I have decided I not only want but NEED and dress form! If I made clothing again I could justify this but the honest horrid truth is that I want one to put my aprons on! I am sick. very sick.
I would love to share a picture with yall but skater boy who is for the winter to be dubbed boarder boy has his camera with him.He is snowboarding up at Alyeska and Oldest dughter has hers with her. She is at a hockey game. So I guess I am going to go find more things on the internet to add to my list............

Swap Goodies warning Picture heavy!

Ok I am SO not fighting the drag tool. So I guess the first pics will be the last ones I wanted to share with you from the trip to China. This is the stadium in Shenyang they built for the Olympic Soccer games. WHo knew when we were watching it that Wonderful hubby would actually get to go there! This rock is by the great wall. The writing on it says one step east of evil. North Korea is right on the other side of that fence.The man with my man is his boss Mike. His brother died in the war there so this was an emotional journey but good for him.
This rock they were unable to move so they built the Great Wall right around it. Now you cant really tell from this pic but the steps are very tall. Like 2 of ours.You can tell how steep it is. I would be crawling by now.

This is of the wall. Isnt it amazing!

O.K. on to the swap goodies! The first pics are from my thankful things swap partner Christie. She really nailed some things that I too love.A c.d. of her favorite music which ALL I happen to love too! A bag of Dove Chocolates. I dont know if you can tell but the bag is empty.Ü I was very thankful for those!
Heres the proof. hehehe. I saved this wrapper though because it gives me permission! I am going to carry it around for when I am feeling lazy. This was also in the box! An AWESOME apron that I love love love. No I am not modeling it as this weekend it is all about the p.j.s and playing. I am not working until monday and if you want to know why just see the picture above! THANK YOU so much Christie and your box is on its way!

These goodies are from my Secret Stitcher from MQR... I dont even know how I can describe how wonderful it all is. The lotion and file are from one of my favorite stores that I only get to visit on vacations, Bath and Body Works. The lotion is called warm vanilla sugar and is awesome. I put some on last night before bed and my hands still smell yummy and feel so good!
Then there is a cream scone mix, jam for the scones and 3 packages of hot cocoa mix, yuuuuuuuuuuuum! They are all so good! Plus to top it all off it was wrapped up in that wonderful sea turtle fabric with a gold bow! I am so spoiled! Her card said it was the first of two boxes, I am amazed that there is more as this is so much! THANK YOU SS!
Well I guess thats it for the pics right now. I have been having so much fun playing. I would take pictures for you but I cant. I pulled a skater boy last night. He is notorious for dropping my cameras and breaking them. Yup my brand new one bit the dust on the travertine...... Wonderful hubby just shook his head. So I am off to order a new one from Amazon.Gah!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today is a play day!

I started out working and thought, nah. I have three swaps that I am finishing things for and wouldnt you know I am behind on getting two of them out! Bad Becca! I am on a mission to catch up. My biggest problem is I dont go for the fast easy stuff to make. I seem to have this addiction to the time consuming complicated. I wonder if there is a pill for this? I am LOVING this apron though and am going to be sad to see it go! I should of made two.
Dont ya love what we woke up to this morning? It is very pretty but there was a hecka lot of it! Thank heavens wonderful hubby has a plow. It will be up to me to clean off the truck though. Well the kids I mean.Ü
STILL no baby news! Favorite cousin is now 2 days over due. Tice is taking his sweet time in getting here. My kids were all early 2 weeks and 3 weeks. Well except for youngest daughter. She was 2 1/2 years! She always giggles when I tell her that.I have been carry my cell phone with me everywhere so I dont miss her call.

Well i was going to upload some more china photos but blogger doesnt seem to want to play nice. So I guess I will have to try again later!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


How in the world do I get wonderful hubby back on the right sleep schedule? You would think I have an infant again. Remember those days? I feel like the walking dead. The sleeping pill worked for one night but now we are back up until one or two. Poor guy. Poor me. I am so sleep deprived I cant seem to make any type of decision. I just go in my sewing room and stare. So of course I am behind and playing catch up. He is going to get turned back around just in time to go again.

As promised here are a few more pictures from China. The first is a picture from Shenyang.From here he still had to drive almost 3 hours to get to Dandong( I think I spelled that wrong) which is right next to the N. Korean border. Shenyang is where the soccer games were for the olympics.This is a family greenhouse. I posted this one for you Jan! At night they roll the corn husks back down over the plastic. Since their weather is much like ours they have to have greenhouses or starve.

This was the view from Hubbys hotel window. That is the bridge the Americans bombed in 1950.The N. Koreans will not take it down, they want it left up as a reminder. The ferrris wheel you see was built not to operate but to give the illusion that they are having fun and are not in fact starving to death.Sad huh.No news on the baby watch. Favorite cousin was due yesterday. She did send me an audio file of his heartbeat.Its the sweetest thing you have ever heard.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Aunt Pitty Pat got me! Lol. I was getting ready to post more China Photos but I guess I will do that in a bit. This looks like fun.Here goes, first let me see if I can follow the rules:

Rule #1 ~ Link to the person that tagged you. Aunt Pitty Pat She is on my sidebar!

Rule #2 ~ Post the rules on your Blog.

Rule #3 ~ Write 6 random things about yourself. (This will take some thinking Ü)

Rule #4 ~ Tag 6 people at the end of your post. (I have decided to let this be a free for all!)

Rule #5 ~ Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their Blog. Rule #6 ~ Let the tagger know your entry is up.

O.k. My 6 randon things.

1.I was not allowed to cut my hair until I was 18.No religous reasons just my parents rule. My hair was so long it went to the back of my knees. After I cut it my mom cried. Then I cried!

2. I have to have our movies organized in alphabetical order.I will spend hours fixing them because my children love to put them away randomly.

3.When I buy things for some odd reason I almost always buy two.( Kay knows this one) My grandmas depression stories must have really sunk in!

4. I love pickles dipped in mustard.yummmmmmm.

5.I was a Valley Girl complete with clothing and slang.I was also a total embarrassment to my parents at this time.Ü

6. It is VERY (JODY DONT READ THIS ONE) likely my family and I will be moving to North Dakota before next winter.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here are a couple photos I snagged off of Wonderful hubbys camera card. I will share more later. These two are dishes that were being served at one of the restraunts he went to. The first dish is silk worm Larvaa. He really wasnt kidding! The second is live frog. Yup you heard right LIVE frog! They will of course kill it and cook it for you. I asked how they will cook it and he said he didnt ask.Lol

He took a LOT of pictures of food. He also came back hungry.He was very impressed with how they took care of him. He said they really jumped at taking care of anything he wanted. I am happy he is home but let him know that is NOT happening here! Lol. We had chinese for dinner last night. Hahah. Good old not authentic american chinese food.

I also have pictures to share from the Great Wall and of Korea. I will share those tomorrow. Right now I am soooooo tired. He is so messed up on sleep he has my schedule messed up. Ugh. Its been 2 to 3 before he can get to sleep. Tonight he is getting a sleeping pill. I need my sleep!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guess Who Comes Home

At about 7 p.m. today??? Well technically its tomorrow but but it seven minutes it will be tonight.Do I sound excited? I really really am. Ü. I have been a good girl. It wasnt easy but I have.

The Bridal shower was a HUGE success. I am so happy. I am exhausted, sore, have a headache, but am very very happy. I loved being able to do it. What a wonderful thing to be a part of. The beginning of a new marriage. Do you remember the fun and exciting times you had in the beginning. Almost 21 years ago for wonderful hubby and I but what a wonderful time.I wish I could go to the wedding. But I am oh so happy to be a part now.

Ahhh for now I am going to bed. Tomorrow I will watch the clock and patiently wait.ok not so patiently.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Jan Started a Trend

Except my furry isnt big enough for slippers. Instead she opts for speed control! It really is a pain in the butt when she wont let me move my foot though.Good news is that I have my mojo back! I got a lot done today and I didnt even start until noon.I started off like this.

Pretty soon it looked like this.
But by the end of the day I had 14 new pillowcases and a table runner. The pillow cases are for an upcoming mock slumber party for the youngest. The table runner is an easy peasy one for the bridal shower this Wed. I have a couple more to make. Its all about presentation in this house! Ü Just kidding. But since I am going with the simple approach I had to decorate with something. I do not belive in streamers and most everything else I could find on Sunday was well, tacky. So I will take pics after I am all done of those.

This is my reward for the end of the day!

I have to share a portion of the email I got from Wonderful hubby. It had me laughing all day!
Lovely B,
I ate some silk worm larvae,, got the picture.
I have only offended one room full of people with a picture
A real dinner takes about 3 to 4 hours to eat, you only pick up with chopstick what u will
Put in your mouth at that time. Everything is put on a lazy Suzan and you just keep turning little at a time.
So lunch was 2.5 hours, dinner was 3 hr plus, but ate and drank well. Whenever someone goes to drink they tap their glass
On the table and that means everyone drink. I got pic’s.
Dinner started with wondering around and looking at all the food on display, that’s when I thought it was a good idea to take
The picture. I was taking a picture of bugs. Lots of live fish and many other sea creatures on display.
Were in Dandong , which means where the fresh water meets the salt, will be here for the first two nights. Looking across the river at N. Korea
PS: It is impolite for their guest not to have a full glass at all times, I counted five of them pouring for me,
( small glass they use)

OH yea, ate donkey not good.
ooooh I miss that man!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Little Sigh Of Relief

I cant get these pictures to move tonight and I didnt upload them in the right order. So this post will be a little confusing.They all are I know but this one will be worse.Ü

AEROGARDEN update. Will yall just take a look at the basil! What the heck am I going to do with it? Ack! My extent of cooking tonight was pizza. I guess tomorrow I am going to have to figue out how to harvest some of it before it burns to a crisp under those lights.

This is what I wish I had to drink tonight. I have the vodka but no orange juice.Crazy kids.They havent learned that orange juice is for mommy! I am instead drinking a diet dr. pepper and consoling myself with rollos. Great combo dont ya think?

I just got to talk to my wonderful hubby. I was honestly getting a little worried.The rational side of me knew he just wasnt around a way to contact me but the other side of me was imagining ALL sorts of horrible things. Its amazing how a 2 minute conversation just put me in a much better mood! Where he is staying he said is pretty sad. He couldnt really explain much but he said its basically a shanty town. He is taking lots of pictures. For him that means maybe he has taken 4.Lol

I finished the apron for the bridal shower. It was very very confusing. It is a replica of a mail order pattern from the 40s. So the instructions were very basic and VERY lacking. A test of patience for sure. But I feel a little more confident in making it now for the Flirty swap. The skirt is so full that it almsot seems like you are wearing a swing skirt. I also didnt criss cross the straps. I did at first but then had the hardest time getting into it and back out! So I took it apart. Kind of reminds you of a candy striper Dont ya just love the gloves! I want to make like 100 pairs.They were so much fun and so easy!

The picture just doesnt do it justice. I guess I am going to go surf a little more. I spent a large portion of the day in bed. I have been fighting what my kiddos call stupid head. I did sew for awhile but just didnt want the headache to turn into a migrane so went to bed.Now I am not tired and am happy I talked to hubby.Ü


Wow yesterday flew by so fast I am still wondering where it went! I meant to post last night but had such a headache I went to bed. Then I couldnt sleep as the other side is empty.

Speaking of which. He hasnt checked in yet and its freaking me out! I know its because he is probably sleeping off that 18 hour travel day but I miss him. We have never went this long without talking to one another. I am sure he will check in soon.I will just keep myself busy until then.

Oldest daughter and I spent the day together yesterday doing errands for the bridal shower. I discovered a few more ways to embarrass her and I didnt even do it on purpose! She is so fun to tease as she can take it and then dish right back out. I tried convincing her in Joannes that we should start having a bridal shower for her every year until she gets married that way I get to plan a great party! The annual bridal shower! She wasnt going for it.

Aunt Pitty Pat gave me the coolest award yesterday! I was so honored and her blog is one of my everyday favorites also.Isnt it beautiful!

So here are the rules.

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate 10 other blogs for this award
4. Add links to those blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool.

1. Aunt Pitty Pat is one of my everyday reads. So here is the link and she is also getting the award back because she has one of the coolest blogs I have ever read.

2. Heydebster is also another one of my everyday reads. She hosts the ONLY camping trip for women every year I would consider going on!

3. Freda is another I pop over too and love the quilts she makes.

4. Jan is way to cool and always has a fun blog!

5. Jodybob. She is a new blogger and a BFF for sure!

6. I think Shawnee has a great blog and love her Apron swaps!

7. K Sperino. Love this blog. Her cool little bookmarks she has posted right now are on my things to do list!

8. Kay has some of the funniest posts and I always have to remember NOT to be drinking anything while reading. I have had to clean my monitor off one to many times!

9. Dear Gina. She is just an inspiration and always a good read.

10. Vicki.... Wow the Tie Dye queen! I LOVE her blog.

Ok. I guess I am supposed to go to each of your blogs and let you know.So I will start on that after I go grab another cuppa. In the meantime if you pop over I hope you take your award and know that you are the coolest blogs I read!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Wonderful Hubby

Left me today. So now I am lonely and bored. That means yall get to put up with me and my craziness.Lots a craziness going on here tonight.

Melinda and I got our apron almost all cut out only to discover I was short 20 inches of material. Argh.So I called 911 (aka Jody at work) she then cut me 2 yards and I will pick it up tomorrow. If you are doing the math you know I got like a yard and a half extra.....No reason just because.Lol. We did get the fancy schmancy gloves made but I am not posting a pic until I get the apron and oven mitts done. We had fun. We didnt get to eat any lasagna though as I forgot it in the oven and it , well, lets just say it was an interesting color and quite hard looking. Lord its a good thing he will only be gone a week. We could all starve!

I have decided I want a dress form. I really am not sure why but they look so cool with aprons on them and I could name it.I could haul it out to the studio with me and have someone to talk to! Ü. Jody stop shaking your head!

Tomorrow will be fun. I am going shopping for the bridal shower and then am coming home to play. I should sneak out and work for a few but I am SO TIRED of working. I finished the week out with 2 quilts left. The upside is that when those two are done I am done for a week.They both have to be done by tuesday. So its either sneak time in here and there or work Monday.

Something I discovered today was another way to embarrass my children.....This is added to my list of ways I have discovered.
1. Get caught doing the hustle when they bring friends into your studio to ask you a question. ( I really couldnt help myself on this one.)
It is now added to this list.
2. Show up at their very first job at Burger King on the drive though with your camera! (this one I did for Jody!)
3. While getting their permit/liscense picure throw kisses at them and tell everyone they are your baby.
4. When pulling up at a full service gas station play your grease soundtrack while singing Sandra Dee VERY loudly.I know all the words.
4. Put a whos your daddy bumper sticker on their fork lift very early in the a.m. (ok we had the night crew do it for us) knowing that it wont be discovered until after a LOT of coffee and many hours later.Ü
5. Buy a box of unused graduation cards at a garage sale then put 1 dollar in each of them to be opened at their graduation party.

Its no wonder that my kids are twisted but they have paid me back big time. I tell them its my little reward for raising them. My oldest has a lot more coming to her. She started paybacks early.At the age of five I smarted off and told her after hearing mom mom mom a hundred times that I wasnt the mom I was the babysitter and her mom owed me a lot of money. A few hours later she tells me its important I need to call grandma (my mil). My wonderful little daughter had pulled a big one and knew it. Grandma had called earlier only to be told by the little angel she had no idea where mommy was but the babysitter was kissing daddy......

Ok I need to go to bed its almost midnight and I am starting to ramble.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I Learned A Couple Things

About myself yesterday. And all I could think of at the time was that dad from Sanford and Sons telling his son "Ya Big Dummy".Have you ever had any of these? If so I would love to hear about them. I wont feel so alone anymore!

First off I am the WORST customer I have! Why doesnt someone slap me upside the head the next time I am putting the last border on a quilt and I tell myself, no need to get up and measure it right just slap that puppy on and you can quilt it out! Gah! Ya Bug Dummy! I can spend hours piecing one block to make sure it is done right. Get to the border though and I will do whatever is quickest to finish it! One of my quilts came up in the rotation yesterday and I am ready to just quilt pleats in it!

One of my customers came over in the middle of it and she says wow you should really point that out to the lady who made it and all I could say was, Nah she wont listen!

Second, have I been living under a rock? Why had I never gotten a subscription to Unlimited Possibilities? I had heard of it through MQR but had never seen it. Not until yesterday when a free one came in the mail! It is awesome.I have subscriptions to the stupidist magazines bought on a whim but not this one! Another Ya Big Dummy!

Hubby leaves tonight. I feel like throwing myself on the floor and begging him not to go.Ü. I wont but I feel like it. I guess I also learned yesterday I am a big baby! I am consoling myself tonight with a play date. Another BFF ( not Jody this time) is coming over to help with some things for the bridal shower this Wed. Then we are going to put together a present for the new bride. We are making her an Apron and fancy cleaning gloves, some pot holders and putting it all with a um entertaining cook book. Its not R rated I promise but is definitely pg 13. Lol.I am going to pull out a pan of Lasagna from the freezer and open some wine! I even made said lasagna and put it in the freezer! (I always make TOO much so I freeze the extra)

Well I guess its time to get up and do something productive. Maybe I will have a few more Ya Big Dummy moments today!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I need a Maid

Seriously. Either that or we have to get a better mom. This one is falling down on the job!

I have to tell you about my BFFs mom. Sweetest lady in the world for sure but tiring also. She made me cry yesterday and also realize that we need to take the time out for others a little more often. She had a couple strokes about 10 years ago and went from this business minded wiz to a sometimes confused person. That alone makes me so sad. She cant always finish her sentences and she needs a little more guidance then most.

I have been quilting for a little over 16 years. Like many when I picked it up its was as if another piece of me fell into place. She was always interested in it but it wasnt her thing then. A while back she decided to give it a go and now there is no stopping her. She even went and bought a mid arm. I wish she had let me help her on that as she got ripped off and I pray the thing works but that is another story.

Yesterday while quilting her quilt she couldnt stop touching the thread and the fabric.She just kept repeating over and over again how much she loves it. We all know that one dont we. By the end of the day she had me in tears. Turns out that for years she has been trying to find something to do that would make her feel worthwhile. She has raised 4 beautiful daughters and has many grandkids but they all have their own lives now. They all love her and want her around but you know the feeling. Her hubby like many of ours LOVES what he does and is a little bit of a work aholic. She is so lonely. She told me yesterday many times how much she loves quilting so much so she teared up trying to tell me. She wants to try it all and do it all. We all know that one too!

She was here for over 3 hours yesterday and I was exhausted since I had started work early. She was like a sponge. She asked a ton of questions and just soaked up everything she could. I am going to go play at her house next. After she gets her new machine up and running I am going to need to go check it out.

On another note I had to take a picture of this backing yesterday. It was almost prettier then the front! My favorite customers a husband and wife team bring me the most beautiful quilts. They use EVERY scrap and everything is always perfectly sewn. Dont mind the quilt on the floor. It slipped off the bar while I was snapping the pic.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2 Days B-(

Ok enough dwelling on that.

I caught up on my sleep and even got up early! Yay. I am all caught up on my blogs to read and will be in Gracie house before 9! Unbelivable. I have to get a move on today because I have a visitor coming to the studio. One of my BFF's (I belive in many) mother is coming over today. She made a quilt for her granddaughter and wants to quilt it. So we are going to do it together.Pushes my schedule off a bit but thats o.k.I can work late today as hubby is going to also.

How do yall stay caught up with quilting for customers? I sometimes feel like I just am always running behind!

All right short post but I am on a mission today! Maybe I will reward myself with a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Countdown

Has begun. Wonderful Hubby aka psycho man leaves on Friday. He is psycho man today because he couldnt sleep last night. So because he couldnt sleep he decided to get on the internet. At 4:30 he found something so unbelivable he HAD to get me up to take a look! I dont even remember what it was. I will have to ask him later when I wake up.I also need to check if I might owe him an appology for anything I may have said or done at 4:30 that I dont remember, I am not a nice person when woken up...
Jody and I had to postpone our next Duddly day.I am bummin. It was my fault sort of. A very close friend of mine is getting married and I found out on Sunday I am hosting her bridal shower on the day we were going to play. So I am bummin but also a little excited. I should be a party planner. Its in my blood. This one is throwing me off just a little as I dont have a lot of time to plan. Not even enough time for invitations. I will pull it together though.I just need to get my brain back in gear.Some of my plans are going to be blown to bits though as I was really hoping it would be a small intimate party but as it is turning out I may have wall to wall people. So no champagne with rose petals. What a great time for my better half to be gone. We always work as a team. I do the pretty stuff and he does the cooking.
I am in a fog today.We all know whos fault that is! No cleaning is going to happen. I have to work. I got thrown off my schedule yesterday with phone calls and drop bys. My mom called and we were on the phone for like 3 hours. I probably didnt even get in two words!Lol. She is a riot.
So I have to get busy today and catch up.Ugh.
This is the view out my bedroom window right now.What you cant see is that it is not only dreary but it is snowing! Another UGH...
I hope yall have a GREAT tuesday no matter what you are doing today. I am now going to try to remember where I put my ipod for safe keeping and get to work!

Monday, November 10, 2008

What A Weekend

It certainly did not go the way it was planned. Thats o.k though. Wonderful hubby and I did a lot of nothing but we did it together!
We did get that new washing machine. Its really really pretty. I went in to the store all prepared to just buy the plainest no frills or extra options washing machine I could find. Well wonderful hubby got hung up somewhere between the front door and the appliance section.Ü. I got a LOT decided in the time he was missing. I picked out new paint colors for the sewing room and loaded the cart with pegs for all the new thread I had bought and read ALL the info on EVERY w.m. in the store.
By the time he got back there I knew exactly the one I wanted. The whole deciding factor for me was the capacity size! 4.2! I do more laundry then everyone I know because of my loved ones phobia of wearing or using the same item twice. (I get so frustrated with this) Literally 3-5 loads a day is not unheard of around here. With this puupy I caught up on sunday with a grand total of 4 loads! That was half of what I would of done with my last w.m. It also came with the bonus of a laminated instruction card for big dummies like me. Belive you me I need it! The bonus is instead of that annoying beep when cloting is done it plays music! Scared the tar out of me until I figured out it was the w.m. but now I love it!

On another note a friend of my BILs took this picture in Kodiak. There are over 40 bears feeding off of a whale carcas! Amazing...I have so much to share but I am going to have to spread it out over a few blog posts!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sneak Peek Ü

I am SO excited about an upcoming swap I am in. The flirty Apron Swap hostess apron. Its supposed to be fancy with glitz. Oh yeah right up my alley! I had so much fun looking for fabric and a pattern. This is the fabric I settled on. It actually was exactly what I wanted. You cant see the trim very well but it is so pretty.
I wasnt thinking I would get to play this weekend with the apron as I had ordered the pattern and shipping can be very very slow to Alaska. Well there is my little feud with the post office too. But it came today! So if I finish the quilt that on the frame I am going to play........

Catch Up

I am going to be playing this ALL day. I was going to be so productive yesterday. I did get a couple very small customer quilts done but hit a road block at two. My back and neck were hurting so bad I just basically went to bed.

Oh well. I am being a good girl today and am just now taking my first break to come post some pictures.

The first ones are of the AWESOME swap goodies I received from Shawnee who hosted the mommy and me apron swap. What fun and Youngest and I are thrilled with our Aprons! The material is about the cutest I have ever seen. She also included some plastic mixing spoons, the cutest heart cookie cutter and a Paula Dean cooking with kids cookbook. We think we got the best end of this swap for sure! (I definietly look like I got up early to work. Plus I am still wearing many clothes as I am flippin cold!)Shawnees blog is always a fun read and she has a better picture of the adorable aprons.
AEROGARDEN update. We started the seeds on the 21st of last month. It is unbelivable how fast everything is growing. The basil is not very far off from harvesting. Wonderful hubby has grand plans for this and replanting. I am thinking skater boy and I are going to have to buy another one is we want our hot peppers and tomatos.

This is what is on Gracie right now and why I am taking a break. Its ugh very purple and ugh yeah not my style. I am going to be outlining the dolls all day and then hopefully the hearts she wants will not take too long. Monday I have to be back on track.It will mean working this weekend but I will sacrifice some play time for work unless hubby is home. Oh one more thing before I head back outside. Yall HAVE to check out this blog! Its one of my favorites to read and Tuesday she posted the cutest craft that would be great for a kids party favor!

I hope everyone has a productive fun day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Do You Know

What sound your washing machine makes when the drum breaks? The answer is a VERY loud and scary one!.......... I will tell you what, I thought a bomb had gone off! You would think I would of remembered the sound since this isnt the first washing machine I have killed. Its more like the 5th or 6th. Sigh. I guess its time for a new washer!

I have to share a picture of the cat from hell. Wonderful hubbys spoiled rotten cat. She refuses to drink out of the dog bowl or even her own bowl. This is what hubby does for her every morning and every night. When I go to brush my teeth she always makes a beline for the faucet too. But I refuse to share my sink so I have to turn hubbys on, otherwise she wont leave me alone!

Ok are you ready for the new do? The streak of red is supposed to be lighter but because of the black that I had in it, it will take until the next color job to lighten. But I love the new cut.Hubby is going to freak though. Lol.He still has hopes that one day I will grow it long again! I didnt put make up on though so dont be too scared!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How Cute is that

I get a text last night that says, The belly says hi and he loves you. Then my awesome favorite Aunt sends me this pic. They know how hard it is for me to be here and not with them so they keep me in the loop as much as possible. It helps. She is due in 19 days!

I have a hair appointment tomorrow. I dont know what I am going to do this time. I am thinking of going shorter. Hmmmmmm. It will be a surprise. Probably to me too!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Update

I cant decide wether this was a productive weekend or a lazy one. I know a lot got done but I mostly remember lazing around watching t.v. Its a toss up at to which was the main activity. I love weekends for sure.
I did make UFO progress. A lot of progress actually. I finished 2 quilt tops, have two more almost done, and made another present for my favorite cuz. The quilt tops are all lap size so no huge acheivement and they were partially done but I am happy. This week is ALL about work. I need to get completely caught up so that I can spend time in the house with the kids and playing while Wonderful Hubby is in China. He leaves on the 14th. The closer it gets the more I start to panic. I hate being seperated from him.I am not trying to let him see it though as then he will just worry more.
O.K. so I took pictures of my new apron, both sides. I discovered two things while looking at these pictures.
A. My sewing room is a disaster. What a mess! I get it clean and then within a couple days it is a wreck again. I honestly dont know how I do it.
B. The ten pounds I gained are showing up big time and I need to go on a diet! Yikes.
BUT ignore the rest and check out the apron.

After all the UFO work I needed to have some instant gratification so I made a present to go in the November box for my favorite cuz. This is called a hooter hider. I am SO not kidding that is the name! Its is a nursing cover. A very quick gift to make. Now I need to make more.

All right it is time to go to work. Work work work, that will be me this week.

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